Máy pha màu sơn tự động HA450

Extensive research and close contact with the marketplace resulted in this automatic paint dispenser which is one of the most sold products in our equipment range.

The HA450 stands for high quality, precision and reliability. Ease of use together with the lowest total cost of ownership and durability are the central drivers to Fast & Fluid's product evolution.

The HA450 is the ideal solution for DIY, medium-sized retail or service centers and is suitable for critical waterborne, solvent-based and aromatic colorant systems. Table configurations, choice of heights, machine colours, stickering and numerous other options enable us to customize the HA450 to meet your specific needs.
  • High Speed package
  • Easy Brush System®
  • Full stainless steel Twin Ball Valves®
  • Variable heights
  • Flow rate 0.4 up to 2 liter/minute
  • Front side accessibility possible

The machine is equipped with 16 to 32 (36 pump positions) polymeric or stainless steel canisters and an electric can table as standard. We can configure the HA450 dispenser to meet your specific needs! 

The need for maintenance has been reduced to almost zero. Features are f.e. strongly reduced operator activity on brush cleaning, stainless steel in working areas and easy access to vital parts. The new design offers easy refilling because of a low front edge and can be selected in any desired height for optimal ergonomics. It features the new high precision stainless steel Twin Ball Valve® pump of 2, 5 and now also 10 fl.oz for high speed dispensing up to 2 liter/minute, depending on the colorant used!