Máy pha màu sơn tự động HP800

HP800, our high volume simultaneous paint dispenser with Harbil Technology® The HP800 is the ideal solution for those locations in which speed and high volume are essential. Colorants can be dispensed through 8 lines simultaneously with canisters for up to 20 L and with optional double pumps. Similar to the HP500, the HP800 has the innovative Rotary Nozzle Closure Technology®, which prevents drying out and mistints. The result? Satisfied operators, satisfied customers and a particularly low Total Cost of Ownership.

With the HP800 we present the biggest and fastest model in our product range and offers you a number of unique benefits:

  • High speed pumping 0.6 - 0.8 L/min
  • 8 channels simultaneous
  • Large capacity for high throughput colorants
  • Simultaneous HA Piston Pump
  • Easy service
  • Rotary Nozzle Closure Technology
  • IPS (individually Programmable Stirring) & IPR (Individually Programmable Recirculation)
  • Optimum ergonomics