Máy trộn sơn GX300

  • Medium and high volume paint turnover
Can specs 
  • Max. product weight: 40 kg
  • Min. height: 80 mm
  • Max. height: 400 mm
  • Plate diameter: 380 mm
  • Suitable for oval cans
  • Mixing of multiple cans possible
Footprint & weight 
  • Net HWD: 103 x 84 x 82 cm
  • Weight: 215 kg
  • Automatic, dedicated control
  • Rotating swing door (to be mounted left or right)
  • Sliding door optional
  • Loading plate fully extractable
  • Cradle stops automatically at unloading position
  • Display user interface: 7-segment LED with programmable pre-set buttons
  • Variable speed (slow start), between 230 and 100 rpm, dynamic balance
  • Removable top cover and back panel
  • Splash guard to protect from paint spillage, replaceable rubber on bottom clamp plate, possible service control via FFM Maintenance and/or display, USB port on PCB
  • 750 Watt AC motor
  • Wheels and feet at bottom, built-in loading ramp
  • Power supply:
    230V-50 / 60Hz or 115V / 60Hz
    Voltage adjustment at order

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