Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter UL6400

UL6400 is the portable type ultrasonic flowmeter driven by an builtin battery.

Anytime and anywhere, the handy ultrasonic flowmeter measures the various kinds of liquid flow rate just by clamping the sensor on the surface of the existing process lines and by easy setting-up of parameters.

Very small flow rate can be covered:  Min. 0 - 0.5 L/h [Water] can be measured.  
 Alarm output option available:    In addition to local indication type, alarm output version is also available.
 Compact design:   Easy installation onto instrument panel.
 Safety for high temperature and pressure: All metallic material construction covers tough applications!


Measuring method Ultrasonic time flight system
Measuring fluid The liquids which ultrasonic waves transmit through
Fluid temperature -40°C to 120°C at the exterior surface of the pipe
Flow velocity 0.5 ~ 20 m/s
Accuracy ±1.0 % of the reading for pipe size 50 mm or more and velocity 0.5 m/s or more
±3.0 % of the reading for pipe size less than 50 mm and velocity 0.5 m/s or more

Above accuracy is based on the following calibration conditions.
Measuring fluids : Water at 20°C
Upstream straight runs : 10 D
Measurable piping
Carbon steel, Stainless steel, PVC, PP, FRP, Lining materials
Measurable nominal
piping dia.
15 mm to 1500 mm ( Pipe outside diameter must be 20 mm or more )
Display 4.3 inch TFT-LCD with backlight by LED
No.1 and No.2 screen : Selectable from flow rate, total flow,flow velocity, Reynolds No.,
Ultrasonic propagation velocity, ultrasonic signal propagation status or else
No.3 screen : Bar graph presentation
No.4 screen : Error message presentation
External memory USB memory
Power supply
Built-in lithium battery : Continuous operation for approximately 14 hours, Rechargeable in 8 hours
AC adapter : 90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 67 Hz
Protection class IP67
Sensor signal cable 3m