Ultrasonic Flowmeter UL6300

 UL6300 is a clamp-on type ultrasonic flowmeter by time-flight system.

3 kinds of sensors cover pipe diameter between 15 and 4000 mm. This meter can measure flow rate of liquid which flows in pipes made of metal, plastics, etc.

This meter is perfectly non-contact with fluid and does not have a moving part. Therefore, there is no corrosion of sensor by the corrosive fluid, nor contamination by particle and metal ion, nor pressure loss.

The sensors integrated with a mounting rail allow easy mounting onto a pipe, easy maintenance and grouping of cables into one signal cable.

A high-performance converter corresponding to a multi-sensor allows simultaneous measurement of 2 lines and 2-path measurement.

New digital signal processing technology and status diagnosis function allows high-accuracy measurement even in a low-velocity flow.

Explosionproof type field-mounted converter is being prepared. 
Very small flow rate can be covered:  Min. 0 - 0.5 L/h [Water] can be measured.  
 Alarm output option available:    In addition to local indication type, alarm output version is also available.
 Compact design:   Easy installation onto instrument panel.
 Safety for high temperature and pressure: All metallic material construction covers tough applications!


Measurement method Ultrasonic time flight method
V path (V and Z path for large sensor)
Sensor mounting Clamp on pipe
Measuring fluid Liquids (except liquids including many bubbles and slurries)
Fluid temperature Surface temperature of pipe: -40 to +120°C
Measurable pipe diameter
Small sensor: 15 to 100 mm
Medium sensor: 50 to 400 mm
Large sensor: 200 to 4000 mm
Velocity range Max. 0 to 20 m/s
Min. 0 to 0.5 m/s
Flow range Max. 0 to 904778 m3/h (inner diameter of pipe: 4000 mm)
Min. 0 to 0.319 m3/h (inner diameter of pipe: 15 mm)
Accuracy Indication and pulse output
Pipe size50 mm:
Flow velocity0.5 m/s: ±1% of reading
Flow velocity < 0.5 m/s: flow velocity error of ±0.005 m/s
Pipe size < 50 mm:
Flow velocity0.5 m/s: ±3% of reading
Flow velocity < 0.5 m/s: flow velocity error of ±0.015 m/s
Current output: Additional error of ±0.01 mA to be added onto the indication and pulse output accuracy.
Pipe Material Carbon steel, stainless steel, PP, PVC, PVDF, others
Input and output
Current output: 4 to 20 mA DC
Pulse output: Open collector (less than 32 V DC, less than 20 mA)
Status output: Open collector (less than 32 V DC, less than 100 mA)
(No status output, identification of flow direction, over range, error, flow alarm)
Control input: Low = 0 to 2.5 V DC, High = 19 to 32 V DC
(No control input, output hold, output lock to 0%, total counter reset,
error reset)
Low flow cutoff: Setting value; 0 to 20%
Damping time constant:
Current output;
Pulse output;
0.1 to 100 s
0 to 100 s
Indication Blue, 128 × 64 dot matrix LCD (with backlight)
1 - 3 lines display per screen, 2 kinds of screen changeable
Process data display screen; 2 screens
Flow rate, totalizing flow volume, flow velocity, etc.
Trend data display screen; 1 screen
Real-time trend of flow rate, etc.
Standard functions Arbitrary measuring unit setting, automatic zero adjustment, bi-directional flow measurement, self diagnosis (functional and status diagnoses), memory save in power failure, test (current, pulse and status outputs), setting of touch sensor, HART communication
Power supply 100 to 230 V AC (85 to 250 V), 48 to 63 Hz, Less than 22 VA
24 V DC (9 to 31 V), 12 W
Mounting of converter Wall mounting (option: mounting bracket for 2" pipe )
Protection class
Sensor: IP66/67 (equiv. to NEMA6)
Wall mount type Converter: IP65 (equiv. to NEMA4)
Field mount type Converter: IP66/67 (equiv. to NEMA6)
Explosion proof spec.
Sensor: ATEX II 2 G EEx is IIC T6...T4
Field mount type Converter: ATEX II 2 G EEx de[ia] IIC T6
or EEx d[ia] IIC T6
Signal cable 2-core coaxial cable with SMB connector