Glass Tube Flowmeter R-101-E Series

R-101-E is a glass tube type variable area flowmeter. The flow rate is indicated by the position of float and the graduation engraved on the glass tube.
Although it has a very simple construction, it is widely used for measurement of flow rate of liquids and gases in various applications thanks to its high reliability and easy handling capability.
A large sized tapered tube is adopted compared to standard type glass tube flowmeters and wide scale range is possible.
In addition to standard material of steel and stainless steel, PVC is also available for corrosive applications.

Larger flow range in same size

Wider opening glass tube offers larger flow range compared to standard glass tube meters.

Easy installation

No straight both for upstream and downstream is required for process installation. No utility supply is needed.

Cost effectiveness

The pure mechanical construction offers most cost effective flowmeasurement.

Direct observation of measuring liquid

In addition to flow rate measurement, the measurement fluids are directly observed for better process fluid quality control.

Wide material selection

Besides the standard metallic material, resins and/or lining materials are available for corrosive fluids.
Measuring Fluid Liquids and gases*Not suitable for steam measurement
Connection Size 15A to 100A
Flow range Water measurement with SUS304 float
Maximum: 10 to 100m³/h
Minimum: 0.025 to 0.25m³/h

Gas measurement with Aluminium float
Maximum: 85 to 850m³/h(nor)
Minimum: 0.45 to 4.5m³/h(nor)
Range ability 10 : 1
Fluid temperature Maximum: 120°C
Maximum: 50°C for Body: PVC, Tapered tube: Acryl
Maximum: 60°C for Body: PVC, Tapered tube: Heat-resistant glass
Maximum: 80°C for HT-PVC material
Allowable thermal shock: 80°C
Fluid pressure Max. 1.0MPa for 15A
Max. 0.8MPa for 20A, 25A
Max. 0.6MPa for 40A, 50A, 65A
Max. 0.4MPa for 80A, 100A
Std: 15A to100A JIS10K Flange
Option: ANSI Flange, DIN Flange, Rc Thread, NPT Thread
Body: Carbon steel, SUS304, SUS316, PVC, HT-PVC
Tapered tube: Heat-resistant glass
Float: SUS304, SUS316, PVC, HT-PVC (for Liquid)
Aluminum, SUS304, SUS316 (for Air)
Indication Accuracy Metallic float versions: ±1.5%F.S.
Resin float versions: ±2.5%F.S.