Micro Flowmeter M-900 Series

M-900 is a series of Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeters designed for small flow.
M-900 covers high temperature and pressure applications which are not acceptable glass tube Purgemeter.
In addition to local flow rate indication by a scale and a pointer, alarm contact or electric analog output is available. 
For low pressure gas, less than 0.29 MPa, a damper can be equipped with.

Compact design

Small and light design offers easy installation onto panels as well as process pipings.

High sensitivity

The pivot bearing and light weight pointer enable to follow float movement swiftly.

Suitable for corrosive and opaque fluids

Anti-corrosive materials such as titanium and MA276 are available to meet your specifications.

Easy reading of scale and pointer

The long pointer and wide linearized scale plate make your reading easier.

Supporting devices

Various supporting devices to meet your requirements are available such as flow control needle valve, strainer and constant flow valve
Measuring fluid Liquids and Gases
Flow range Liquids: Water (density 1.0g/cm³, viscosity 1.0mPa•s)
Min. 0 to 2 L/h
Max. 0 to 600 L/h
Gases: Air (0°C, 1atm)
Min. 0 to 60 L/h(nor)
Max. 0 to 17000 L/h(nor)
Fluid temperature
Std. 0 to 149°C
Option -20 to -1°C(low temperature type)
150 to 200°C(high temperature type)
Fluid pressure Std. up to 10MPa
Opt. up to 20MPa
(Subject to flange rating for flange connection version)
Material Body: SUS304
Tapered tube: SUS304
Float: SUS304
(Options: SUS316, SUS316L, MA276 (equiv. to Hastelloy C), Titanium)
Process connection
Standard type: Rc 3/8 Thread (On request Rc1/4, 1/2 or 10,15,20,25mm flange)
Large flow type: Rc 1/2 Thread (On request Rc3/8, 3/4 or 15,20,25mm flange)
Additional functions/
M-90: Local indication / IP54 equivalent 
M-91: Local indication + Pneumatic transmission / IP54 equivalent 
M-92: Local indication + Electric transmission / IP54 equivalent 
EP-M-92: Local indication + Electric transmission / Flame proof d2G4 
M-95: Local indication + Alarm output with reed switch / IP54 equivalent 
IS-M-95: Local indication + Alarm output with reed switch / Intrinsically safe 
M-96: Local indication + Alarm output with photo electric switch / IP54 equivalent 
Indication accuracy
Standard type: ±3%F.S.(High accuracy type ±2%F.S.)
Small flow type: ±5%F.S. for measurement less than 10L/h or 300L/h(nor) for gas measurement
(High accuracy type±3%F.S.)
Range ability 10 : 1 (10 : 2 for small ranges)