Oriflo Meter (Multi function Digital Flowmeter) HDT1000 Series

HDT1000 is a new series Oriflo meter combining orifice plate with multi-digital indicator.
HDT1000 detects differential pressure exerted by flow velocity on the orifice plate and displays it digitally as flow rate.
Available meter sizes range from 15mm to 300mm dia.
The principal applications are hot and cooling water, air flow measurement and so forth.
· The indicator part is very small and saves mounting space
· Available various process connections of “Screw”, “Flange”, and “Wafer” to meet all field possible requirements and for easy pipe installation
· Applicable for both parallel and vertical pipes
· Any type can be chosen out of the following: Battery type, Current output type (2-wire 4-20mA DC), and Alarm output type
· Easy to see because of large LCD display
Measuring fluid Liquid (equivalent to water) or Gas
Flow range Liquids(in case of density:1.0g/cm3and viscosity: 1.0mPa•s)
Max. : 106 to 1060m³/h (Size: 300mm)
Min. : 0.023 to 0.23m³/h (Size: 15mm )

Gases(in case of temperature: 0°C and pressure: 0MPa)
Max. : 1720 to 17200m³/h(nor) (Size: 300mm )
Min. : 0.34 to 3.4m³/h(nor) (Size: 15mm)
Size 15A to 300A
Metering tube : Carbon Steel or SUS304 or SUS316
Orifice plate : SUS304 or SUS316
Isolation valve : Body : SCS14
Shaft : SUS316
O ring : NBR or FPM
Indicator : Diaphragm : SUS316L
Body : SUS316
O ring : FPM
Drain hole seal : Alumina ceramics
Fluid pressure Max. 2MPa
Allowable differential pressure: 200kPa (one-sided)
Process connection Rc1/2 to Rc4 thread, NPT 1/2B to 4B thread
15A to 300A JIS5k/10k/20k FF/RF flange
15A to 300A JIS5k/10k/20k FF/RF wafer
Measuring range Flow rate from 10 to 100% of maximum flow rate
Low cutoff : Less than 7%
Fluid temperature -10 ~ 70°C
Indication accuracy ±3% F.S
Indication function Flow rate indication : 3-1/2 digits : 0 to 1,999
Totalizer indication : 7-1/2 digits : 0 to 19,999,999
Continue 10s after operation(Except current output type)
Functions Battery type : Local indication / Alkali battery x 2 pcs., Approx. 2 years at 23°C / IP65
Current output type : Local indication + 4-20mA DC (2-wire) / Power supply 24V DC±10% / IP65
Alarm output type : Local indication + Open Collector x 2 / Power supply 24V DC±10% / IP65