Oriflo Meter O180/780 Indicator integrated, compact design

O-180/780 is a series of Orifice flowmeter for liquids and gases. An orifice plate is integrated in the measuring tube and the bypassed flow is indicated by a small sized glass tube flowmeter.
The are in one piece and no additional bypass piping etc. are needed. The flow measurement in large size lines can be conducted economically. Any flow directions (horizontal and vertical) are acceptable and changing in field is also possible. There process connections of flanges, wafers and threads are available to choose.
O-180 is the indication only whereas O-780 is provided with alarm contact additionally

· Air conditioning lines (water and air)

· Water treatment lines

· Other utility lines 
Measuring fluid Liquids(upto 3mPas viscosity), Gases
(Not suitable for opaque liquids, slurries and steam)
Flow range Liquids(in case of density:1.0g/cm3and viscosity: 1.0mPas)
Max.520 to 2600m³/h (Size: 500mm, at DP=50kPa)
Min.0.035 to 0.14m³/h (Size: 10mm, at DP=10kPa)

Gases(in case of temperature: 0°C and pressure: 0MPa)
Max. 9000 to 45000m³/h(nor) (Size: 500mm, at DP=20kPa)
Min. 0.46 to 2.3m³/h(nor) (Size: 10mm, at DP= 5kPa)
Fluid pressure Max.1.0MPa (for metallic material version)
Max.0.6MPa (for PVC, HT-PVC version)
Fluid temperature Max.120°C(for metallic indicator body version)
Max. 80°C(for HT-PVC indicator body version)
Max. 60°C(for PVC indicator body version)
Allowable thermal shock: 80°C
Process connection
Thread connection: Rc3/8 to Rc4 ( Option: NPT thread )
Flange connection: 10A to 500A JIS10K flanges (Option: ANSI/JPI Class 150, Others)
Wafer connection: 10A to 500A JIS10K flanges (Option: Other flanges)
Main pipe: SCS14, PVC, HT-PVC
Orifice plate: SUS304, SUS316, PVC, HT-PVC
Isoration valve body/shaft: SCS14/SUS316, HT-PVC/PP
Indicator body SCS14, HT-PVC
Tapered tube: Heat-resistant glass
Float: SUS316, PVC, HT-PVC(for liquids) Glass(for gases)
Sealing: NBR, FPM
Indication accuracy ±3%F.S.
Alarm point 1 or 2 point alarm (Reed switch)