FR 6000 Float Type Level Switch

FR-6000 is a series of vertical mount type float level switch. FR-6000 is installed on the top nozzle of tanks or onto the side mount external chambers. FR-6000 is used for level alarm detection and pump control etc. FR-6000 has a magnet coupling system for isolation between tank portion and electronics side for safety.
Besides the normal types, HPGSL certified units are also manufactured
Very small flow rate can be covered:  Min. 0 - 0.5 L/h [Water] can be measured.  
 Alarm output option available:    In addition to local indication type, alarm output version is also available.
 Compact design:   Easy installation onto instrument panel.
 Safety for high temperature and pressure: All metallic material construction covers tough applications!


Measuring object Liquid
Density range 0.53 to 2.0 g/cm3
Pressure range Up to JIS 30K class
Temperature range - 25 to + 400°C (Subject to different designs)
4" flange
(1" flanges for external chambers)
(1) Water tight construction: equiv. to IP 65
(2) Flameproof construction: Ex d IIC T6
(3) Intrinsically safe construction: Ex ia IIC T6
(EB3C intrinsically safe relay barrier is to be used.)
Alarm contacts 1 point (High or Low)
1 x SPDT or 2SPDT (Equ. to DPDT)
Type of switch: Microswitch AC 250 V, 5A
General purpose, vibration proof and hermetic seal type
Float, liquid contact material: SUS316, SUS316L, or Titanium
Flange: Carbon steel, SUS304, SUS316, or SUS316L
Housing: Aluminum alloy
Chamber: Carbon steel, SUS304, SUS316, or SUS316L
Accuracy ±10mm (Density 1.0g/cm3)