Purgemeter P-300

The P-300 is a compact, straight-through type purgemeter. Its simple structure enables easy monitoring of flow rates.
Direct mounting on the process piping (general purpose)
Measuring fluid Liquids and gases
Air Min. 80 to 800 mL/min(nor).
Max. 6 to 60 L/min(nor).
• Air at 0ºC, 0 MPa (1 atm)
• When selecting a flow range, see the standard flow rate table.
• When the fluid pressure is other than 0 MPa, see Index & Quick Reference for P Series Purgemeters (TG-S0001).
Water Min. 5 to 50 mL/min.
Max. 0.2 to 2 L/min.
Range ability 10 : 1 -
Indication accuracy ±3 %F.S. -
Fluid pressure Max. 0.8 MPa -
Fluid temperature Max. 80ºC (120ºC) -
Material Wetted part SUS304 SUS316 available
Tapered tube Heat-resistant glass -
Packing NBR(max.80°C) FPM(max.120°C),
Protection tube C2700T SUS304 available
Connection Standard Rc1/4 Rc1/8, 3/8, 1/2
NPT1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2
JIS10KFF available
Mounting Standard Piping mounting See ordering information for details.
Panel mounting with attached metal fittings and flange mounting can be specified.
Mass (standard type) 0.4 kg