Level Radar with 2-wire system TLR3000

TLR3000 is a non-contact and continuous type level meter using microwaves.The microwave emitted from the antenna reflects on the surface of the object measured and is received by the antenna. The meter calculates the level by measuring the reciprocating time of the microwave and outputs an analog signal. Good points of a conventional microwave level meter remain in this new meter and easier operation has been realized.
As the microwave velocity is very little affected by the temperature and pressure, highly accurate level measurement is possible regardless of changes of the measuring condition in the vessel.The meter provides level measurement independent of density change, temperature change and viscosity of the object measured.
Use of 2-wire transmission system has realized high accuracy and cost efficiency.
Very small flow rate can be covered:  Min. 0 - 0.5 L/h [Water] can be measured.  
 Alarm output option available:    In addition to local indication type, alarm output version is also available.
 Compact design:   Easy installation onto instrument panel.
 Safety for high temperature and pressure: All metallic material construction covers tough applications!


Measurable materials: Liquids and Slurries
Measuring method: FMCW(Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave)
Measurable variable: Level, Distance,and Volume
0.5 to 40m (Depending on the measuring conditrion)
Temperature of
-40 to +200°C: Horn antenna (Standard type)
-40 to +150°C: Drop antenna (PTFE) (Standard type)
-40 to +100°C: Horn antenna (PP) (Standard type)
(Explosionproof type: Refer to EXPLOSIONPROOF SPECIFICATIONS)
0kPa (abs) to 4MPa: Horn antenna (subject to flange rating)
0kPa (abs) to 1.6MPa: Drop antenna (subject to flange rating)
Dielectric constant 1.5 or more (Depending on the measuring condition)
Antenna type DN40 / 50 Horn antenna (Thread connection)
DN40 / 50 Horn antenna (Flange connection)
DN80 Horn antenna (Flange connection)
DN100 Horn antenna (Flange connection)
Drop antenna (Flange connection)
Drop antenna, with flange plate (Flange connection)
Display 9 lines 160 × 160 pixels in 8-step grey scale
4 buttons (Right shift key, Enter key, Up key and Down key)
Language: English or Japanese
Output Output1: DC4 to 20mA (HART)
(Based on
criteria condition)
Liquid measurement:
±3mm/R.D. (Less than 10m),
±0.03%/R.D. (10m or more)
Power supply Rated voltage: 24V DC
Voltage range: 20 to 36V DC (Exd)
Voltage range: 14 to 30V DC (Non-Ex, Exia)
Housing:Aluminum alloy
Process connection: Stainless steel SS316L (Option: Hasteloy®C-22)
Gas contact part: Stainless steel SS316L (Option: Hasteloy®C-22)
Seal:FKM(-40 to 200°C)(Option: Kalrez®6375(-20 to 200°C))
Thread: G1 1/2 Male / 1 1/2" NPT Male
Flange: 1 1/2", 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", ASME 150lbs, 300lbs / 40A, 50A, 80A, 100A JIS 10K
Protection class
General type: IP67 (JIS C0920, Equivalent to NEMA6)
Explosionproof: ATEX EEx ia IIC T3…T6,
EEx d [ia] IIC T3…T6